Cleaning Tips – For The Busy Office Worker

Long hours, deadlines to meet and heavy workloads are not uncommon for the average office worker and here in Gateshead, especially in The City it could quite possibly be perceived as the norm.

With work being a priority, the cleanliness of personal office workspace can suffer but these cleaning tips will ensure a good level of hygiene in the workplace.

Have a place for everything – At the end of the work day put things back where they belong, this makes cleaning so much easier. Professional office cleaners will rarely wipe down desks that are covered in paper and other clutter.

Declutter – Get rid of all items that don’t serve a purpose and are just collecting dust (old calendars, souvenirs etc.)

Don’t eat at your desk – The main cause of a dirty office desk and equipment. Food and drink stains left uncleaned are a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria

Quick wipe down – As you get up to leave grab some wet wipes or a microfibre clothe and give your keyboard, mouse, phone and other office equipment a quick wipe down.

Job Done!

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