August 26, 2018

Deep Cleaning

If you need someone that offers house cleaning services that are all-inclusive and effective, then what are you waiting for? Contact us now. We are LT Cleaners and the services that we offer are designed to get your house perfectly clean, whenever you require. This is known as “Deep Cleaning” and can be used on various occasions, for example when you are moving in a new house and you want everything to be clean and organized. Deep cleaning is also best if you are planning to sell and you want your house to be “Ready for Viewing”.

This cleaning covers:

  • Kitchen – including the sink, cupboards, oven, refrigerator and the kitchen floor
  • Bathroom -tiles, showers, bath tubs and basins as well.
  • Bedroom – includes upholstery, carpets and other things that need to be arranged accordingly in an organized manner.
  • Living Areas – includes dusting and cleaning of windows, carpet, curtains, picture frames and other things within the living areas of the house.
  • Hallways – includes doors, frames, door handles etc. should be very clean to attract visitors.

It is highly recommended to havedeep cleaning done at least once or twice a year because it’s very important for a place to be clean and well maintained. After having a deep clean of your house you will be impressed by the efforts of our well trained employees who will use the appropriate cleaning methods to leave your house more presentable and welcoming.

If your house undergoesa deep cleaningprocess in preparation for sale, it will be easier to sell because your client will be very impressed with the look of the place and how well-maintained it is.

There are many companies that offer different services when it comes to cleaning but here in a LT Cleaners, we can say that our service is your route to a clean and beautiful lifestyle. If you want a free quote, just contact us at anytime on this telephone number 0208 492 9497.