August 26, 2018

End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is generally engaging and sometimes stressing to move from one place to another, whether it is moving to your own house or going to rent somewhere else. Sometimes as if the actual move is not stressfulenough, thereare probably meters to be readas well as informing all the relevant people about your change of address etc. Besides all this you also have to cope with an end of tenancy clean, the failure of which may result in you losing all or part of your deposit.

Landlords and agents will always want their premises left in the state you found them, so they will not tolerate or be content with a bit of dusting or polishing here and there. Most landlords and estate agents will always have an end of tenancy checklist and although they may vary, the basics remain the same.

End of Tenancy Checklist

Kitchen cleaning

Most agents and Landlords will always expect the following:-

· Fridge to be cleaned inside and out

· Freezer to be cleaned (Essential to turn this off 12 hours prior to our arrival if using our service)

· Oven and extractor to be cleaned

· Cleaned tiles

· Wipe and clean all appliances

· Steam clean all the floors

· Wipe and clean all the windows

· Cleaning washing machine and drawers.

· Light fittings to be dusted and or wiped clean

Cleaning of bathroom

· A thoroughly cleaned bathtub

· A clean toilet

· A de scaled shower head

· Clean all the mirrors

· If there are any cupboards or fixtures they should also be cleaned

· Extractor fan should also be cleaned

· Dust all skirting and remove scuff marks

· Wipe or clean all lighting fixtures

· All windows and doors should also be cleaned.


· All windows and doors should be cleaned

· All the furniture is supposed to be moved, wiped and polished; clean both the inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes

· Clean skirting boards.

· Fully vacuumcarpets and under beds

· Mirrors and pictures should be wiped or cleaned

· Light fittings should also be dusted.


· All windows and doors should be clean.

· Move all furniture and wipe both inside and outside of cupboards and shelving units

· Dust light fittings or wipe them down

· Clean all mirrors and pictures

· Clean all televisions

· Clean skirting boards

Stairs and Hallway

· Vacuum all stairs and hallways

· Clean all banisters and spindles

· Skirting boards should be left clean

Sometimes landlords also demand that all the carpets, curtains and soft furnishings should be deep steam cleaned. LT Cleaners provide this as an extra-add on. In case carpet cleaning is required ensure you inform us in advance so that we can prepare in terms of time and cost.

Calling LT Cleaners to provide you with an end of tenancy cleaning service ensures that you can focus on the move and enjoy your new home without having to spend days cleaning up the old one. LT Cleaners end of tenancy cleaning squad is experienced in cleaning thus ensuring your landlord’s requirements are met. If you have a separate and specific cleaning schedule that varies from the aboce checklist please ensure that it is provided to us at the beginning.

At LT Cleaners we can provide all of the cleaning equipment and steam cleaning machines necessary for your house cleaning, however, we would ask you to carefully remember the terms and conditions below. To discuss your end of tenancy requirements please give us a call on 0208 492 9497.

Or you can fill in our contact form or request a call back.