Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Your fridge can be kept odour free by kipping in it a small bowl of soda bicarbonate.

Clean your kitchen with help of table vinegar. From time to time wipe all surfaces in your kitchen with the solution of 1 part of vinegar and 3 part of water. It will remove grease and disinfect surfaces.

To clean inside of the oven you can use the past made of backing soda and water. Apply this paste and keep the oven switches on at lowest heat for 20-30 min. Switch off the oven and wait for another 15 min. than brash off the dries past. Wipe oven with wet and then dry cloth.

To clean you cattle and coffee machine use equal parts of vinegar and water. Run one cycle with the solution, and then run two cycles with plain water. Use method one a week.

Mix one table spoon backing soda to one quart of water. This all purpose kitchen cleaner will clean almost any surfaces safely and without any fumes. I some areas are more difficult to clean. Pour over plain backing soda, leave for few minutes and gently scrub. This is more economical and environmentally friendly way to clean your kitchen.